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The billing and payment solution that helps you recover booking, boarding and other fees that might subsequently be lost. 

Pay My Jailer gives former detainees a convenient payment method and can increase your recoveries. The program provides you with an easy method for recovering the outstanding booking, boarding and other fees owed your facility without you having to add staff or handle the money. 

An Easy Payment Solution

for Your Needs

Now you can rely on the help of Pay My Jailer for billing and payments to recover booking, boarding and other fees that might subsequently be lost. Pay My Jailer is an easy method for recovering the outstanding fees owed your facility. We handle the work so you don't need to add staff or handle the money.

Recovered funds are paid by released detainees. Payments can be made by mail, online, phone or directly to a local bank account, providing convenient ways to pay. Pay My Jailer generates more fee revenue for your facility while providing a valuable service to those who’ve been released.

The best part about Pay My Jailer, besides no cost, is the integration with your existing commissary or jail management system. Being able to receive data electronically means little to no impact on your staff while your facility benefits from the additional, unbudgeted funds. In many cases, turning Pay My Jailer ON is as simple as flipping a switch.

Captain Tim Palmer, Sheriff's Office, Larimer County, CO

How It Works

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Detention center provides due fee information to Pay My Jailer™ if, upon release, detainee has not paid.

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Pay My Jailer™ prints, stuffs and mails a letter to the detainee on behalf of the jailer.

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Detainee pays fees that are due online or through the mail.

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Pay My Jailer™ distributes the fees to the detention center.



If you're an agency wishing to learn more about Pay My Jailer, please share a little information with us, and a member of our sales team will be in touch.  If you received a letter and need support, please choose the Support link.

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